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The Master Program is designed and delivered by GEMA Business School in collaboration with Haub School of Business faculty and staff of Saint Joseph’s University. All the Program activities are planned to be level-appropriate, rigorous, highly interactive, practical, with an effective combination of theory/concepts, large/small group discussions, case studies, applied exercises and real-world issues.

Moreover, industry speakers/subject matter experts/study tours to local retail business will be integrated throughout the program to enrich the learning experience, provide networking opportunities and on-site learning as it relates to the course or educational objectives of the Master Program.

Program Modules:

PHASE 1 in GEMA Business School (Rome)


Introduction to interpersonal Communication principles, Business Organization, Corporate Roles and Functional Structure, Marketing Strategy and Operations.

PHASE 2 in SJU (Philadelphia – USA)


International Marketing will provide students with a solid understanding of how companies and consumers co-create value in today’s global environment. The course will build upon fundamentals strategic thought, such as the resource based view and market orientation. It will provide past and present-day examples that highlight industry responses to marketing opportunities and challenges, focusing on cross-cultural marketing, global branding, new market entry, product standardization vs. adaptation, retailing, communications, export/import, and other issues.


Social media has become the fabric of life in both business and personal relationships we have. This class will examine current trends, impact, and use of social media to market, and build community. Participants will discuss and evaluate social media case studies, strategy, data analysis, the importance of visual branding and messaging, and the human impact of social media in organizations. Students will collaborate on a social media campaigns for a brand or cause for the final project. Additionally, this course explores the growing use of social media to achieve personal and organizational objectives. Students will examine the four zones of social media (community, publishing, entertainment and commerce) and learn how popular social media platforms can be employed to build brands, conduct business, support causes, rally the masses, forge and maintain relationships.


This course is designed for graduate business students and will provide students with tools to make intentional strategic leadership decisions. It presents the theory behind the powerful Gestalt approach to leadership and change, and includes intensive leadership development practice. Through a combination of lectures, activities, exercises, and practice, the student will enhance their understanding of themselves as leaders and their impact on others.


Innovation and Design Thinking provides students with a model to understand and solve complex problems in bold and creative ways. The course focuses on the fundamentals of human-centered design thinking. Students will enhance problem-solving skills through logic, imagination, intuition and systemic reasoning. Through a combination of classroom dialogues, team activities, readings, and the use of multimedia tools, students will build on their ability to be innovative contributors in the workplace. The course concludes with the presentation of a project concept and the opportunity to generate interest and get feedback.

Students in the Extended Program (option 2) will be using this class to create projects they can use as their practicums during the extended time they are in the United States. Moreover, they will be involved in additional project works, assignments and training research.

PHASE 3 in Italy (or possibly abroad)

Internship opportunity in Companies and Organization based mainly in Italy where the student can implement what learnt during master experience. Every student will be offered the chance to be candidate for a 6 months period position. 

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