Overview - GEMA Business School

The Master Program in International Marketing Management is designed and promoted by GEMA Business School as an international version of its Marketing Management program.

The Master is tailored for those that want to obtain an International Marketing specialization, starting from Marketing Fundamentals to International Marketing, Social Media Communication, Leadreship, Innovation and Design Thinking. The Program goals will touch on various types of learning: fostering attitudes and values, developing competency in performance, and acquiring information and concepts.

The participants will develop skills and competencies in critical elements of strategy:  business (marketing, marketing research, sustainability, social media communication, etc.) planning, leadership, innovation, design thinking, emotional intelligence, and ethics.

Thanks to the partnership with the Saint Joseph’s University of Philadelphia (USA), one of the most representative academic institution in the US, all the training activities (lectures, researches, assignments, project works, etc.) will be held in English by Faculty Members, Visiting Professors and Guest Speakers from American and International business context.

In order to allow students to be properly prepared to deal with the international experience, GEMA has designed a “Starting Path” as a first phase of the Master Program that will be held in Rome and focused on Marketing and Communication Fundamental.