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Marketing offers a multiple range of opportunities depending on the different areas it is implemented.

Some marketing jobs primarily involve research skills or data analysis, others demand creativity and inter-personal skills, and many require a mix of logical thinking, drive, tenacity and excellent communication skills.

Marketing careers are the best field for people who like to strategize and identify patterns and trends. If you aim a career in marketing your typical tasks will include approximating the need for products or services, distinguishing potential markets for products or services, monitoring trends, developing pricing and sales strategies and working with staff in public relations, product development and sales departments.

Moreover, the international context of the iMM Program (held in English language and part of it in Philadelphia – USA) will also give you an important add value that will improve your competitiveness in the future business environment.


Marketing Manager

Responsible for planning the best ways of promoting company’s products, services and brand, he/she has management skills to lead and motivate a team and to handle pressure well when working to tight deadlines.

Marketing Analyst

Responsible for performing research and providing insights regarding the market, trends, competitors, potential and existing customers, and current campaigns.

Marketing Operations Manager

Supporting the Marketing Manager, he/she promotes company products, services or ideas and has organizational skills to plan product launches, market research and public relations events. Using creativity skills he/she would also market products and services across TV, radio and the press.

Media planner

Responsible for planning the purchase of ad space for clients, he/she decides when and where ads should be placed and negotiates rates for ads.

Social Media Manager

Responsible for communicating with an organization’s customers or clients through social media websites, using great communication skills and creative writing ability to engage with people online and in person. He/she’ll be using good organizational skills and knowledge of social media tools to get his/her message across.

Digital Marketing Officer

Responsible for promoting Company’s products, services or ideas online, he/she will work with digital technology and use his/her marketing and IT skills in a creative way to market products across channels like websites, apps and through social media. He/She also uses budgeting and planning skills to make sure his/her advertising campaigns are successful.

Sales manager

Responsible for implementing Company’s sales objectives and for organizing, coach and lead a team of sales representatives to work towards agreed sales targets. He/she’ll be using management skills and enthusiasm to motivate others and need also to be organized and good at planning.

Key Account

Responsible for promoting and enhancing profiles of clients, writing blogs and press releases, promoting news items, and helping clients to gain more exposure, referrals, and online traffic. Responsible for dedicating a large portion of time and servicing one or more accounts at an agency. Works for an agency with a client and ensure correct information passed from the client to the agency.


Responsible for brainstorming, creating, and transforming ideas into words for articles, advertisements, publications, and pamphlets. Writes words and text for television commercials, radio, internet content, jingles, websites, press releases, flyers, and direct mail literature.

SEO Specialist

Responsible for improving a company’s organic search results on the internet. Creates and launches SEO campaigns, identifies areas of improvement, runs PPC (Pay per Clic) campaigns, and attempts to improve the clients’ sites’ rankings in major search engines.

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