Programme Details - Kingston University - GEMA Business School

Programme Details – Kingston University

This option is held in collaboration with Kingston University in London (UK) over a period of 4 months from January to May 2018. Students will be attending the courses on the Kingston Business School campus in Kingston Upon-Thames. The course will be taught in English and students will be assessed at the end of the course through a formal assessment.


This module examines the global and national contextual factors that impact on international human resource management and the approaches to managing global workforce. Students will identify the human resource challenges that face multinational enterprises, such as how national and regional differences impact on their human resource management strategies and practices. The module also focuses on international management development, transnational labour regulation and business practice, the complexities of international HRM and employment relations key trends and debates.

Indicative Content

Globalization and international HRM, National culture and institutions, MNC strategies and structures, HR and International Strategic Alliances, International staffing, International performance management, International training and development, International compensation, Comparative HRM, International Employee relations and voice, International employment law, labour standards and ethics


This module aims to provide students with theoretical grounding in the fields of strategic leadership and performance management. Students will develop critical perspectives on how the performance at organisational, group and individual levels can be enhanced and inspired by strategic leadership and direction, as well as of knowledge and understanding of the role of performance management in supporting the strategic objectives of the organisation in different business environments. The theoretical foundations will be illustrated with examples and integrated with practical exercises in order to help students develop knowledge, skills and capabilities to assume a substantive strategic leadership role within an organisation in both domestic and international context.

Indicative Content

The concepts of strategic leadership and performance management, Importance of boards and top management teams (TMTs) for organisational performance, Models and theories in the field of strategic leadership and corporate governance: why top teams and boards look and behave the way they do?, Role of strategic leaders, Nature of strategic decision making, Making choices at a strategic level, Balanced scorecard and HR metrics, Key issues in director selection and remuneration: director independence, women on board, CEO succession and executive pay, The “what” of strategic leadership: strategic vision, culture and ethics, Human limits on strategic choice and hubris and greed in the boardroom, Neuroscience perspective on strategic decision makingBoard and TMT composition, dynamics and effectiveness, Strategic leader’s knowledge, skills and behaviours, Strategic leadership in an international context, Strategic leadership development needs in different organisational and corporate governance contexts, Managing individual, team and organisational performance


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