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Fees, Scholarships and Grants

iHRM Tuition Fee

Euro 7.000,00 (VAT free)

Your time during the Programme should be enjoyable and rewarding, and it is important to identify the existing opportunities to be eligible for obtaining scholarships or other ways to finance the tuition fees.

For example if you are resident in Regione Lazio territory, you can apply for a scholarship called “Torno Subito” (www.tornosubito.laziodisu.it) that can finance all the costs for attending the course (fees, accommodation and travel). If not please, check if there is something similar promoted by your Region of origin.

If you’re not eligible for applying to these kind of bursaries, you can ask for a GEMA one (at partial covering of the tuition fee) reserved for those candidates that, after the selection process, have the best prospective profile to successfully attend the course.