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HR function offers a multiple range of opportunities depending on the different areas it is implemented.

Some HR jobs primarily involve research skills or data analysis, others demand creativity and inter-personal skills, and many require a mix of logical thinking, drive, tenacity and excellent communication skills.

Moreover, the international context of the ìHRM Program (held in English language and part of it in London – UK) will also give you an important add value that will improve your competitiveness in the future business environment.



HR Manager

Responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the administrative functions of an organization, he/she oversees the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff; consults with top executives on strategic planning; and serves as a link between the organization’s management and its employees.

HR Officer

Also known as Personnel Officer, he/she looks after hiring and developing employees and their welfare too. Being often the HR Manager Assistant, he/she is expected to be tactful, friendly, but careful with confidential information and firm too.

Recruiting and Placement Manager

He/She searches for talented job candidates through advertisements, employment agencies, search firms, college campuses, and even from competing firms. Recruiters tend to be more involved with the search process, while interviewers talk to job applicants and administer and interpret tests. Some make the final hiring decisions, others are involved with internal placement, transfers, promotions and firings.

Development and Training Specialist

Responsible for analysing, planning, developing, coordinating, and conducting training and orientation for all levels in the organization. Trainers help educate employees in necessary job skills and for advancement. They also create training manuals, procedures, and training aids for the organization. Training programs can range from sales techniques to safety issues, and from computer skills to team building.

Compensation & Benefit Manager

He/She develops and manages job evaluation, wage and salary systems; designs and administers incentives, stock options, and deferred compensation; conducts executive programs. He/She also provides information and counseling to employees concerning fringe benefits offered, and analyses benefit plan costs and effectiveness.

Employee and Labor Relations Supervisor

Responsible for establishing and maintaining employee-management relationships, He/She deals with quality of work life programs and employee complaints; negotiates collective bargaining agreements, and handles formal union-negotiated grievance procedures.

HR Generalist

He/She works for private employment agencies, governmental agencies, executive search firms, outplacement firms, HR consulting firms, as HR information system specialist, employee assistance counsellor, employee assistance program manager, employee communications director, equal employment opportunity representative, affirmative action coordinator and outplacement consultant.