Overview - GEMA Business School

The Master Program in International Business Management is designed and promoted by GEMA Business School and is a modular postgraduate program designed to train a new generation of Export Managers and International Business Managers, able to drive companies and businesses to expand their market shares in international markets by:

  • increasing the number of countries where products/services are sold, especially in fast growing markets;
  • increasing the number of product/service lines sold in international markets in tune with the structure of local demand;
  • adopting new distribution strategies to get “closer to the customer” in international markets (e.g. commercial branches, joint venture, local production).

It is designed preferably for graduates in Economics, Social sciences and scientific subjects of any country wishing to become Export manager or International marketing manager. GEMA Faculty Members, Visiting Professors and Guest Speakers from International business context will hold all the training activities (lectures, class exercises, online sessions, homework, researches, assignments, project works, etc.) in English language.